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Excellence in all we do

Our Staff

Classroom Teachers

Name Division Grade Email
Ray Clayton Division 1 Grade 6/7
Julie Rempel Division 2 Grade 6/7
Raun Desharnais Division 3 Grade 6
Chris Allen Division 4 Grade 5
Lisa Allen Division 5 Grade 4/5
Jyl Stinson Division 6 Grade 3/4
Jennifer Bisset Division 7 Grade 2/3
Katherine Andres Division 8 Grade 3/4
Melissa Paolozza Division 9 Grade 1/2
Amy Brooks Division 10 Grade 1/2
Eryn Dowler Division 11 Kindergarten
Patty Dressler & Michelle Smart Division 12 Grade K/1

Support Teachers

Name Role Email
Douglas Styles Student Support Services Teacher
Jennifer Goerzen Librarian, Reading Support Teacher
Michelle Smart Teacher
Kate Cree Counsellor
Karen Broom English Language Learning Teacher
Steve Karagianis Intermediate Music and Band Teacher
Douglas Hagerman Primary Music Teacher
Bonnie Finotti Indigenous Programs and Services Teacher

Support Staff

Name Role
Danial Sneeg Custodian
Katherine Allen Education Assistant
Julie Brackett Education Assistant
Amy Campbell Education Assistant
Jennifer Campbell Education Assistant
Jaylene Avila Education Assistant
Susan Desharnais Education Assistant
Kimberly Fink-Jensen Education Assistant
Brenda Olson Education Assistant
Aileen Perrett Education Assistant
Laura Quinn-Young Education Assistant
Susan Shinn Education Assistant
Mickey Wagman Education Assistant
Tracy Thomsen Library Assistant

Office Staff

Name Role Email
Jeff Marshall Principal
Christine Clayton Administration Assistant
Marah Farmer Office Assistant
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